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Staymates Cabin


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This 2-story log cabin may have served as a rest stop for early settlers traveling west, and it has been referred to as a ‘blockhouse’ used in defense against Indian attacks in those days.   The cabin is along the historic Forbes Road, built in 1758 by Samuel Hoey (spelling changed to Hoy around 1814).

In 1852 the property was purchased by William Staymates and he and his wife raised their 12 children in this log cabin operating their farm until the early 1900s.  The property remained in the family until the death of the last family member, ‘Miss Bessie’, a well-known schoolteacher in Murrysville in the early 1970’s.  She left the house and land to the Girl Scouts and in 1977 the Municipality purchased the cabin, barn and seven acres of land.

Reservations of the cabin and property tours are scheduled through the Murrysville Historical and Preservation Society: Email:

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