Egg My Yard

"Egging" Dates: March 25th and 26th, 2024 (Rain Date) 

"Egging" takes place a week before Easter

We had another successful "Egg My Yard" event this year, "egging" nearly 80 homes! Thank you isn't enough for our volunteers!  Our Parks and Recreation Commission members were essential in executing the deliveries, volunteers  counted and bagged all of the eggs, and friends and families even helped!  This is such a fun event for us and we look forward to offering it again next year. Thank you!

We want to egg your yard for your very own private egg hunt! Recreation staff and volunteers will visit your home to hide candy stuffed eggs in your front yard.

Egg-My-Yard Flyer 2023

"Egging" will take place on Monday, March 25 with Tuesday, March 26 as a rain date. Must live within the Franklin Regional School District.

You’ll be provided with a date and estimated time of the “egging” once registered.

Register Now!

Fees Vary:

  • 20 Eggs for $10.00
  • 40 Eggs for $15.00
  • 100 Eggs for $40.00

McCullough family

Staff will be given the discretion to determine that participants' delivery addresses are within the Franklin Regional School District limits. If delivery addresses are not within the given limits the request will be cancelled and the registrant will receive a full refund.

The yards of delivery locations must be safe for staff and volunteers to enter to place eggs.  Staff and volunteers will be given the discretion to determine if the yards of delivery locations are safe and if it is determined that they are not then your yard will be skipped. Please note on your registration any details about your home or yard to help identify the correct location, especially if house numbers are not present. 

**We're sorry but specific requests for candy or allergies cannot be supported.**

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