Uniform Patrol Division

Backbone of the Police Department

The Uniform Patrol Division is the proverbial backbone of the police department. A majority of the department’s officers are assigned to uniform patrol. The officers work on three separate shifts throughout the day and handle the bulk of the calls for service.

Police Cruiser with Their Lights on

Assistance to Other Nearby Police Agencies

Patrol officers will typically respond to calls within the boundaries of the Municipality of Murrysville. On occasion, the officers will also assist other nearby police agencies when requested to do so. These requests are generally for high priority incidents requiring additional police units beyond the staffing levels of the requesting agency.


Calls for service that are handled by patrol officers range from minor problems such as noise complaints, civil disputes and traffic issues; up to, but not limited to: serious vehicle accidents, domestic disputes, armed robbers, and homicides.

Motor Vehicle Code

In addition to responding to calls, patrol officers routinely enforce motor vehicle code violations through proactive patrols along the Municipality’s roadways. Officers typically monitor for speeding violations, failure to stop at posted signs and traffic signals, intoxicated drivers, and other poor driving habits, as these violations are the cause for a majority of motor vehicle accidents.

Vehicles Patrols Are Performed In

The officers in the Uniform Patrol Division utilize marked and unmarked police cars, as well as motorcycles and bicycles to conduct their daily patrols throughout the Municipality. Marked police vehicles provide instant recognition when seen on the roadways, which helps to deter bad driving and criminal activity. Unmarked police cars and motorcycles are commonly used for traffic enforcement, as they allow officers to easily spot aggressive drivers. Further, the officers may also ride bicycles during special events that draw large crowds, making it easier to navigate than driving a police car.


Patrol officers receive training and instruction in many different facets of police work. Some officers may specialize in certain fields, in addition to their daily patrol functions. Here are some examples of specialty training the officers receive:

  • Canine handler
  • Special Weapons and Tactics (Westmoreland County SWAT)
  • C.R.A.S.E (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events)
  • Firearms instructor

When We're in Your Neighborhood

The Uniform Patrol Division of the Murrysville Police Department are the group of officers you are most likely to encounter in the community and see driving through your neighborhood. Please feel free to stop and say hello, should you see an officer in your neighborhood.